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    [Liberal arts04] The Choice of “Liberal Arts…

    Japanese people often say that liberal arts does not focus on one subject, but American liberal arts universities have money and their range of majors is quite wide and deep at the same time.

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    [Liberal arts03] “Survival Capacity” t…

    Experiencing this setback, I changed my attitude from "minimum, acceptable effort " to "doing my best on each task.”

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    [Summer Program Reports 2017 No.02] Johns Hopkins …

    Through this summer program, we learned many different topics on social science and economics and it made me curious about learning more about these topics.

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    [Summer Program Reports 2017 No.10] Chinese Cultur…

    Through this experience, I passed the HSK 3rd grade exam with nearly a perfect score.I hope I continue to pursue Chinese as one of my interests and hobbies in my career.

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    [Summer Program Reports 2017 No.05] Stanford Pre-…

    please regard everything as “one-time-experience” and try various things without being afraid of them. Things you experience here may change you a lot.

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    [Liberal arts02] Discover and Release the “S…

    Discover and Release the "String" Linking the World... "Critical Thinking" of Liberal Arts.

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    [Liberal Arts 01] Why is Japanese Education Faili…

    What liberal arts education is about is to raise critical awareness against the world surrounding us, and study that relationship between "self" and "the world."

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    [Summer Program Reports 2017 No.09] “AIU Hi…

    In this program, I appreciated the diversity of American society. More importantly, I built true friendship, breaking linguistic and cultural differences.