【Liberal Arts for All】リベラルアーツ式に「近代とは何か?」を英語で考えるプレ講座 10/28



「Liberal Arts for All」は、リベラルアーツ講座「近代とは何か? What is modernity? A Liberal Arts Course」を、2017年10月28日(土)に「自由大学」(東京・港区)にて開催します。


「Liberal Arts for All」は、グローバルエデュの特集リベラルアーツ入門講座を執筆している青木光太郎さん(米国リベラルアーツカレッジ「ウェズリアン大学」卒業生)が主宰。6月のイベント「Delicious Movement in Tokyo」に続く、米国のリベラルアーツ教育のエッセンスに触れられるプログラムとなります。




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「この現状に私たちはどう向き合うべきなのか? どこからはじめればいいのか?」。


どのように資本主義が人びとと個人の精神性を変化させてきたのか? そして、統一的な宗教や倫理のない世界で、人びとはどのように「向上」していくのか?



  1. 問題意識を共有する仲間を求める人
  2. 議論や思考を求めている人
  3. 変化に冷笑的でありながら、今日の世界に不満足な人
  4. 大学が懐かしく、知的な会話を求めている人




  • 主催:Liberal Arts for All
  • 日時:2017年10月28日(土)13時〜15時
  • 場所:「自由大学」(東京都港区南青山3-13、COMMUE 2nd内)
  • 定員:10人
  • 参加費用:1000円

What is modernity? Liberal Arts course

“The world is changing too fast!” This common saying expresses our fear and bewilderment in face of a world that seems to be spinning out of our control. Globalism, nuclear threat, bioengineering, climate change, AI—indeed, more and more things seem to be evolving without anybody’s consent or reflection.

How can we ever hope to intervene? Where do we even start?

We must not despair. At least, the starting point is clear: we must grasp the forces driving the changes.

In this course, we take up this challenge by attempting to understand, criticize, and reimagine modernity. We define modernity as the capitalist era that dawned with the Industrial Revolution.

Our aim is to see that the rapid changes that seem so far out of our influence might stem from the same familiar forces that shape our own individual lives. This means that the emphasis is on the everyday human experience, rather than jargon-filled technicalities: participants from all walks of life are welcome.

Through a collage of methods such as discussion, teamwork, readings, and videos, we will together create a space to develop not only a clearer awareness of our present condition, but also a more contemplative approach to navigating this messy, at times overwhelming, world.

Join us if you:

  1. are looking for fellow fighting souls
  2. are hungry for thinking and discussing
  3. are cynical about change but frustrated with today’s world
miss college and want to restore your intellectual life

This class will be taught in English. Your facilitators are educated in the United States, specialized in philosophy. Besides fluent English, all you need is an open mind and a readiness to share.

Please register here.

【What is modernity? A Liberal Arts Course】

  • Date: October 28 (Sat) 1PM – 3PM
  • Place: 自由大学 東京都港区南青山3-13 (COMMUE 2nd内)
  • Size: 10 people
  • Fee: 1,000 yen

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